Village Life
Sweet Roti
Koh Yao Village Street
Rubber Processing

The pace of life on our small island is slower and more peaceful than in most other locations. The locals live together in harmony and respect their environment. Many of them are living from fishing or work on fields and in plantations, so freshly caught fish or the daily harvest is offered at the small village market.

Every visitor is welcome and will often be invited to try some fresh food. The exotic fruits will inspire you, as well as the open minded nature of the islanders. Thailand is well known for its hospitality but here it is still part of daily living.

Small food stalls, fresh fruit juices or local candys provide a great choice, not only to the school children with their blue and white uniforms. Everywhere there will be a good opportunity for you to enjoy happiness and peace. Immerse yourself in different world, without hassle and full of joy.