Koh Hong
Koh Hong Lagoon
Koh Hong Beach
Koh Pak Bia

Koh Hong is one of the most popular attractions around Koh Yao Noi. The unique shape of the rocks makes you feel like in a room. Hence where the name of the island comes from. Only a narrow entrance leads to a turquoise blue lagoon with exotic vegetation all around. Do you know the movie "The Beach"? Here you will get the original feeling.

You can discover the marvelous underwater world with many tropical fish while diving at a depth of up to 30 m. While snorkeling you will see many animals such as starfish. Or just enjoy your time while bathing at two beautiful sandy beaches.

Another destination will be the island of Koh Pak Bia nearby with good swimming area and sandy beach or Koh Lao La Ding with a wonderful beach and coral reefs.

Koh Hong is part of the Bok Khorani National Park whose rangers are stationed here. Tourists have to pay a small admission fee.